Portrait of Sophia Burger

Portrait of Sophia Burger for Austrian magazine A'la Carte. Waiter at Noma, super sweet and an amazing coffee brewer! Yes Sophia is a very cool cat indeed!




A few months I was fortunate to meet Victor Wågman and Sam Nutter at their restaurant BROR in Copenhagen. Two incredibly talented chefs taking 'trash cooking' and all the unused parts and turning it into something delicious and playfull! This place is well worth the money and a visit!

Thank you Sam, Victor and N by Norwegian  


Anne Au Chocolat - Portrait

It has been a while, I know, I have just been really busy working alongside my master Line Klein. Big jobs, travels and good food.

I took a portrait of my dear friend Anne Au Chocolat a while back, finally I am posting it! Remember to visit her delicious blog with all the cake, chocolate and sweet recipes you would ever need.



Nordic Food Lab #2

Second series from my Nordic Food Lab story. Stay curious out there!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen
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Nordic Food Lab #1

In the spring I photographed at the Nordic Food Lab. The images where used in Norwegians inflight magazine. Read the cool article about modern food evolution here.

Photo: Chris Tonnesen
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Portrait of Martin Smith

These pictures are all taken as snaps with my Fuji X100 - while assisting talented Rune Lundø on a portrait shoot with Martin Smith.

A Special Thanks to Rune Lundø! Chech out his site here

Photo: Chris Tonnesen
Portrait: Martin Smith
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Knipps Kaj Restaurant

Last friday I spent at the most cozy and original pop up restaurant - called Knipps Kaj Restaurant. They are located under a bridge in Copenhagen, and will be situated there for the rest of August. Different chefs work with local ingredients and Rosforth&Rosforth delivers the natural vines. 

Again it is the best way to spend an evening in August!

Photo: Chris Tonnesen
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